IBM Sterling Integrator Database Mapping Procedure

How To Create SI Database Map:

Developing SQL Map in Sterling Integrator. Configuring Data Base in Sterling Integrator.Database Mapping in SI.

To create a database map in IBM Sterling Integrator follow the below steps:

  1. Create database pool and In SI, go to Install directory and define the oraclecustomPool in file 
  2. In SI, go to bin directory and run the setupfiles.cmd command. It generate from 
  3. Create required DSN Name through Run command and select the System DSN Tab. Provide the Credentials. 
  4. Check for the connection success. 
  5. Go to Map Editor and create Database map as in the below slide.

How To Create the Database Pool:

  • Sterling Integrator /install_dir/properties directory to open the file.

SI Database Map-1

  • In Sterling Integrator /install_dir/bin directory to run the setupfiles.cmd command. 
  • It generates from

SI Database Map-2

How To Create DSN Name:

  • From ODBC Data Source Administrator. 

SI Database Map-3

  • DSN Name created successful.
SI Database Map-4

Creating a Database Map: 

From the Map Editor File menu, select New. 

In the New Map wizard, answer the following questions and Click Next

SI Database Map-5

After that Click on that Data Format for Output side. Click on Next 

SI Database Map-6

After that right click on the output side root element and go to properties.

SI Database Map-7

Then Go to Data Source tab and click on ODBC Data source button. 

SI Database Map-8

Specify the database credentials and click on Ok

SI Database Map-9

After that Click on Add button it will comes under defined data sources

SI Database Map-10

After that we have to select the table and click on OK.

SI Database Map-11

If connection is successful, a window pops, with message or else Please recheck for the database connections.

SI Database Map-12

In the SQL Output Record Properties window select the Name Tab.

Enter the Name of the Output Record.

SI Database Map-13

Creating or Generating fields .
Right click -> on the Header Record 
Select -> Generate Filed option 
SQL Filed Generator Window -> select All -> Finish –> Click OK

SI Database Map-14

Finally the output side will be generated as in the below figure:

SI Database Map-15

Business Rules and Extended Rules can be worked as same as an inbound Mapping.

SI Database Map-16