Overview of SFTP Client Adapter in IBM Sterling Integrator

Use the SFTP Client adapter to connect to a trading partner's SFTP server. For a list of its major features, see SFTP Client Adapter.

How the SFTP Client Adapter Works

The SFTP Client adapter establishes a session with an external trading partner's
SFTP server in the following sequence:

1. The SFTP Client adapter initiates an SSH2 connection.

2. The SFTP server accepts the connection.

3. The SFTP Client adapter negotiates user authentication with the trading partner SFTP server. A user ID and either a password or user signature, depending on the server requirements, are supplied in the business process. If a user signature is required, it is encoded by the private key and can only be decoded by the public key provided when establishing the relationship with the trading partner.

4. The SFTP server logs the user into the home directory associated with the
specified user ID.

5. Data can now be exchanged between Sterling B2B Integrator and the external SFTP server.

6. Use the SFTP Client adapter to send SFTP requests to perform activities such as to put or get files into a directory on the trading partner's SFTP server through perimeter services.

SFTP Client Adapter provides client capabilities in the following way

–Scriptable using Business process (BPML) in SI and is available in the GPM

–Connects to the configured host and executes specified SFTP commands

–Supports SFTP commands like cd, list, get, put, delete, pwd, mkdir, rmdir,
move that help in sending/retrieving/organizing business data in the partner's
SFTP server

–Supports connecting through a HTTP proxy

SFTP Client Adapter