Overview SFTP Server Adapter in IBM Sterling Integrator

Use the SFTP Server adapter to enable external SFTP clients to put files into a
Mailbox or get files from a Mailbox. 

The client must have a Sterling B2B Integrator user account with an Authorized User Key or password and an associated Mailbox with read and write privileges. If the server requires an Authorized User Key, the trading partner must provide you with the public part of an Authorized User Key in advance.

How the SFTP Server Adapter Works

The SFTP Server adapter establishes a session in the following sequence:

1. An external trading partner’s SFTP client initiates an SSH2 connection.

2. The external SFTP client negotiates user authentication by providing their user ID and password and/or user ID and user signature, depending on server
requirements. If a user signature is used, it must match one of the keys
registered to the user.

3. The SFTP Server adapter compares the current number of logins to the
maximum number of allowed logins. If an additional login is available, the
SFTP Server adapter accepts the connection and responds with the host

4. The SFTP Server adapter compares the user ID to the list of users enabled to
access this server. If the user is not on the list, the connection is rejected and no additional information about the failure is provided. This prevents
unauthorized users from obtaining information that could be used to access the
server illegitimately.

5. The SFTP Server adapter compares the number of logins of the requesting user to the maximum allowed logins per user. If an additional login is available, the SFTP Server adapter logs the user into the Mailbox associated with the
specified user ID.

6. Files are exchanged between Sterling B2B Integrator and the external SFTP
client using standard SFTP commands.

SFTP Server adapter provides secure file transfer support with SFTP protocol

–Works on top of Secure SHell (SSH) protocol for transport security

–Uses SSH Host Identity keystore (private keys) and Authorized User key store
(public keys) in SI for SSH keys

–Capable of exposing a Mailbox or an actual (native) file system directory as the
SFTP file system to the connected user

–Supports restrictions via Virtual Roots and adapter policies

SFTP Server Adapter