what is Sterling File Gateway and its Features

About IBM Sterling File Gateway and its Features. Sterling file gateway architecture and Mailbox setup. ■ An MFT solution designed on... thumbnail 1 summary

About IBM Sterling File Gateway and its Features. Sterling file gateway architecture and Mailbox setup.
sterling file gateway architecture

■ An MFT solution designed on top of Sterling B2B foundation for transferring files between partners using different protocols, file naming conventions, and file formats.

Sterling File Gateway is an application for transferring files between partners by using different protocols, conventions for naming files, and file formats.

Sterling File Gateway uses the Sterling B2B foundation, which includes IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator, Sterling Standards, and the Sterling platform. The capabilities that are delivered are similar to the features found in Advanced File Transfer and IBM Sterling Connect:Enterprise® for UNIX, plus new functionality.

Use Sterling File Gateway for movement of large and high-volume file transfers, with end-to-end visibility of file movement in a process-oriented and highly-scalable framework. This framework alleviates file transfer challenges, such as protocol and file brokering, automation, and data security.

Sterling File Gateway supports integration with:
Sterling B2B Integrator Mailbox
IBM Sterling Control Center
IBM Sterling Secure Proxy
IBM Sterling Connect:Direct® for UNIX server products
IBM Sterling Connect:Direct
IBM WebSphere® MQ File Transfer Edition

Sterling File Gateway, which is delivered on the Sterling B2B Integrator platform with a unique application URL, provides single sign-on access to the Sterling B2B Integrator administrative console through menu selection.

■ Has following features

–Scheduled high volume - high frequency file transfers

–File and File name Transformations

–File Transfer Visibility (file route and events reports)

–Replay / Re-delivery

–Notifications (partners and operators)

–Broad Communications Protocol Support (FTP, FTP/S, SSH/SFTP, SSH/SCP,
and Sterling Connect:Direct)

–Dynamic Routing

–Easy-to-use Partner Onboarding UI

–Flexible Mailbox Structures (to support pattern matching)

■ Works on the basis of predefined business processes

■ Has a web browser based Partner interface named myFileGateway

–The partner can upload files using this UI which can then be routed using
protocol adapters like FTP/SFTP

–Partner can subscribe to notifications

Sterling File Gateway



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